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1322 days ago
  1. Publicity - how to scare the crap out of people?
Nevan W
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  1. Intro: What are asteroids?
Jordan B
  1. What are asteroids made of?
  1. How many are there?
Nevan W
  1. Visualize asteroid orbits: 
Jordan B
  1. Something like Asterank visualization (http://www.asterank.com/3d/)
  1. How many asteroids are cataloged?
  1. Which ones are potentially hazardous?
  1. Visualize impact with earth
Jordan B
  1. Show how frequently impacts are occurring with Earth in realtime (meteorites)
Jordan B
  1. Visualize evidence of past impacts
  1. Links to information about each catastrophic impact
  1. Estimated size
  1. Compare current cataloged potentially hazardous asteroids to past
  1. Visual representation of diameter
  1. Visual representation of potential impact time (countdown timer?)
  1. What to do?
  1. Links to organizations (including NASA) which are trying to address the threat
  1. How can the public contribute to exploring and researching asteroids?
  1. Write a letter to government official expressing the importance of the topic?
  1. Related social media and online communities?
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Boris J
Boris J Python
data tools - NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, ipython
web scraping - Beautiful Soup
Jordan B IRC Conversation about API: http://pastebin.com/Djnyf1Di

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